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Our first book is out!

Impress your nearest and dearest with
our most mind-bending new recipes.

  • Exclusive recipes from our chefs
  • New info on herbs and dosing
  • Includes recipes from our show

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Our vision

High Cuisine’s vision is to revolutionize the dining experience by skillfully fusing together haute cuisine and ancient mind-expanding herbs and plants into mouth-watering recipes that will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey



Mouth-watering, mind-expanding recipes
Using ingredients you never thought possible

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Three book set

A beautifully designed set of three High Cuisine books to include;
the Cookbook, Origins and a Workbook

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High cuisine video series

Join us as we explore traditions, cultures & mind-expanding 
from around the world and create recipes to dazzle and delight

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Media team

Our core team has more than 25 years’ experience and has travelled 
extensively to cover everything
from new culinary trends to old tribal cultures, scoring several psychedelic scoops along the way

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