Cook with mind-altering herbs

A 104-page handbook to psychoactive cuisine

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“High Cuisine is an amazing new food concept. The dinner was epic and the combination of the recipes with the special herbs worked so well together that I wanted to dive into the dishes, the aromas and float away.”

Chef Freek van Noortwijk
Masterchef Judge

“This is completely different to any other dinner I’ve had. It was really cool with really great food. They found the perfect balance between the ingredients, the special herbs and oils they were using.”

Head Chef Pepe Topper
Maris Piper, Amsterdam

“I’ve never used any mind-altering substances before but I found this to be a very exciting experience. The mix of excellent cooking with the unusual herbs was delicious and left me with a very enjoyable and unique feeling.”

Executive Chef Andy Brauers
Kasteel Terworm

"The most Controversial
cookbook in history"

High Bites E-book preview High Bites E-book preview Win a High Cusine dinner badge

If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary adventure look no further, High Cuisine has you covered. Within these pages are the recipes for a revolutionary High Cuisine dining experience consisting of culinary delights paired with mind-expanding natural products.

After many years of worldwide experience in different kitchens and Michelin Star restaurants, chefs Noah Tucker (New York) and Anthony Joseph (London) settled in Amsterdam. Here they were inspired to combine haute cuisine with the flavours and effects of psychoactive herbs and subtly incorporate them into incredible, innovative, mouthwatering dishes.

For this High Cuisine BITES book they created twenty delicious bite size recipes that are simple and safe enough for everyone to prepare themselves. The ingredients of each dish have been carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance between taste and experience.

High Cuisine is taking the culinary world by storm and promises a legendary and unforgettable dining adventure for you and your guests.